coinbase wallet extension | create a new self ^ browser

Coinbase Wallet browser extension? To get started, you can either create a new self-custody wallet or import an existing wallet using a 12 word recovery phrase from another wallet provider like MetaMa

The Coinbase Wallet Extension is a powerful tool that enhances your cryptocurrency experience by providing seamless access to your digital assets directly from your web browser. This browser extension is designed to integrate with popular browsers, offering users a secure and convenient way to manage their crypto holdings.

In order to import an existing wallet, you must be able to access the wallet’s recovery phrase.

Most Ethereum wallets have a 12 word recovery phrase, which act as the key to your wallet. These words must be kept safe. No wallet provider, including Coinbase Wallet, can recover this 12 word recovery phrase for you.

Recovery phrases are portable, enabling you to transfer your wallet from one self-custody wallet provider to another. With Coinbase Wallet, you can import any Ethereum-based wallet that you may have created with another provider such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and others. You can even import your Coinbase Wallet from your mobile device so you can use it in the browser extension as well.

When you import an existing wallet using your recovery phrase into Coinbase Wallet extension, there is no impact on your existing wallet. You will be able to continue using your existing wallet across multiple providers, and any transactions you make will show up in your wallet across all of your wallet providers.

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